Monday, September 15, 2014

Lewes Looks for Answers to Bike Enforcement Problem

Rob Arlett Beats Out 16-Year Incumbent in Primary

16-Year Incumbent Vance Phillips Faces Rob Arlett in Primary

WBOC Hosts Candidate Debate for District 5

Shutdown of Laurel School is Over Toy Gun

Chamber of Commerce: Summer Season is "Extending"

Labor Day Traffic Watch (Long Delay)

Petition Calls for Removal of Leadership at Senior Center

Cape May Ferry Gets Just Three Shows

iPads for All Cape Students

Country Music Festival Hits Road Block in Planning and Zoning

Sussex County Reflects on James Brady's Death

Jusst Sooup Closes It's Doors

Milton Taking Advantage of State Pop-Up Program

Indian River School District Looks for Answers

Turning Tragedy to Action

Showfield Public Hearing Brings Debate

Chikungunya: A Regional Threat

2nd Public Hearing Brings More Debate on Country Music Festival

Vlasic Hearing Update

Same Sex Skyrocketing in Delaware

Councilmembers Debate Parks in Sussex County

Debate Rising over Book Removal at Cape

Debate Rises at Country Music Festival Hearing

Country Music Festival Hearing Preview

(Newsbyte) - Dewey Considers Jail on Wheels

Immigration Debate Resonates in Kimmeytown

Sussex County Looks for Bids on 113 Project

(newsbyte) - 4th of July Celebration in Georgetown

July 4th Safety a Concern

Soldier Homecoming Brings Emotion

(Newsbyte) - Sunset Park Misses Sandy Funding

Gas Prices Booming for Holiday

Dew Tour: Economic Boom to the Area

Newsbyte: Millions of Sandy Relief Coming to Sussex County